After receiving the email from Agnes Vimmer, PSW Supervisor with SEHC, cancelling all of my PSW visits I wrote to Jennifer Bedard at the LHIN:

from: Jack
cc:,,,, Stephanie,,
date: Feb 18, 2021, 7:59 PM
subject: Re: Care

Agnes told me that the LHIN put my visits on hold.
Respectfully, pay attention closely to the following:

I have a leather strap: many people would look at this and think of it as something some might use in adult play, e.g. spanking.
There was a fire in the unit behind me last week and for that reason I have to vacate my unit in the very near future because there was water damage from water putting the fire out that seeped under and flooded my unit. In putting together some stuff to take with me to my temporary residence I inadvertently left the strap out in the open.
None on my PSWs have EVER seen this strap until, I believe, Monday, Feb, 15th--I don't remember the exact day. On that day the two PSWs for my afternoon visit were Amanda and Stephanie. Amanda picked up the strap and held it out and sorta showed Stephanie and asked, do you know what this is? I really think Amanda wasn't sure--but Stephanie was! She took it from Amanda and said, "ooooh... this looks like it could be fun,"--practically sang it--and sort of waved it a little bit and said, "Oh yeah, this could be a lot of fun"... Stephanie laughed. Amanda laughed. I laughed. We were 3 adults laughing at what Stephanie said. Adult talk continued and Stephanie said that she had visited bondage sites online, to which we all laughed some more. I said to Stephanie, "My inner-child is well-overdue for a good spanking" --to which we all laughed. But I have to say Amanda actually seemed a little uncomfortable with it, like she was laughing only to laugh along with us.
But I didn't raise the subject: Stephanie did.
It was that evening that I wrote my to Stephanie.

I also asked if either of them wanted a bottle of whiskey (26oz of Crown Royal) that I had leftover from Christmas gifts for my PSWs. Stephanie had already been given a bottle before Christmas as well as some other goodies. Amanda said that she wasn't really a drinker and Stephanie said she would take it but then I wasn't able to find it. Stephanie came the next day and I had found it: she was with Alphonsa (I think) and I gave it to Stephanie in a manner that Alphonsa wouldn't see her take it. On leaving, at the door--Alphonsa was already out the door and Stephanie said she might drop in on my birthday (Wednesday the 16th): Stephanie wasn't scheduled to see me that day and I actually thought she meant in regards to my email to her.
Stephanie didn't come Wednesday, that afternoon I didn't get a visit, later in the day I got a letter from Agnes saying my visits were on hold because of the letter I wrote.

I've done nothing wrong here. Stephanie and I have had considerable contact outside of 'strictly work'. We have exchanged numerous emails and facebook messages. I didn't ever say anything to her or any other PSW about spanking or the strap or any other thing until that day, and in view of what Stephanie said, there with the strap in her hand and a grin on her face, and all that followed I reasonably thought she was into that sort of thing. I sent my email, and told her if she didn't reply I would never mention it again.

If there's wrongdoing by anyone it's Stephanie all the way down the line. I am a client, she was at work, she wasn't supposed to be going, oooooooh... a person could have a lot of fun with this, and all the rest that followed. She wasn't supposed to give me her email address or email or reply to my emails or facebook or any other thing... .
Stephanie has come into my home and given me care alone when the other PSW hadn't shown up--only once but she offered 3 or 4 other times and I told her no because I didn't want her to risk getting into trouble. I am not open to criticism for giving my PSWs Christmas presents, there is no rule that says I cannot give my PSWs Christmas presents--if St. Elizabeth has a rule against it that applies to their employees and it is for their employees to act accordingly.
I am attaching a photo of a poster that I made and had printed and Sheri Byers put up on my wall, it hung there for 6 weeks. Every PSW named on that poster got a $25 gift certificate--imagine what a terrible person I must be--except for two (Mel died, my favourite PSW, committed suicide in October, it has affected me terribly). Tammy is working long hours to support raising two kids alone, and she got a turkey and all the makings from me. Stephanie got 2 26 bottles of Crown Royal, at least a couple of alcohol coolers--I kept several in the fridge for the two weeks or so prior to Christmas for anyone to take as they may want (expected to take only one at a time but Sheri grabbed two gin coolers one day). Stephanie is an adult. She had given me indications that she was receptive to such a thing and I asked her if she might care to engage. I don't care that she's a PSW, I have done nothing wrong. I didn't just up and say this to someone out of the blue, I had every reason to believe that Stephanie would be interested and told her if she wasn't I would never raise it again. End of story. Or it was supposed to be... And how about Agnes and St. Elizabeth--they get paid with public funds and they take on a responsibility in doing so. They just up and cut off my visits knowing that I have essential care that needs to be attended to so they could 'investigate'--but never bothered to ask me about it. From Denise I am told they have to be sure that their workers are safe: what took place that could be said to put any of them in danger? A private email to one PSW? The email didn't threaten violence or imply anything that could be construed as posing a risk to anybody at all. Totally whimsical decision with utter disregard for the needs of their client. And what about Denise? Give my consent for her to speak to an agent of my MPP? I gave it to her directly, took her extension number from her directly and said that he would call in 5 minutes--and then didn't answer her phone, instead letting it go into voicemail. And what about you? You knew about this yesterday but didn't contact me at all, and still didn't ask what I might have to say about it. I have not had my meds today. They are in a blister pack and I cannot get them out myself. I have not been changed since Wednesday morning. My friend was visiting from Toronto for a few days and has returned. I am to begin moving out of here tomorrow, I am told it will probably be for 2 weeks. I do not know from where Hotel Dieu gets the authority to contact anyone about a visit to them other than my family doctor: it is not an issue that requires PSW care. I intend to see Stephanie not only loses her job but is banned from being a PSW. I am ready to go to war over this. I will picket in front of the LHIN and St. Elizabeth. I will go to the press and keep going. I will get a lawyer. I will post in disability support groups around the province, around the country, around the world. I will cry, and I will keep on crying till the end of my life. This is not going to be jammed down my throat--not easily, folks.