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Kingston Transit bus driver leaves handicapped man stuck in snow

The all important aspects of this incident do not include that the driver wouldn't push my wheelchair.
Follow what I am saying here, please, and watch the video closely, and it will be clear that what I am saying is nothing other than what actually took place.
For reasons that are covered in "SEHC" (, I have had all my personal care abruptly stopped (AND WHAT A STORY THAT IS!!). I can't dress/undress myself, getting in and out of bed is very risky for me, I have had a few hard falls, and I have been instructed by PT and OT to stop. I am incontinent and unable to change myself--guess what a day without care means to me... .
Seem fair to say that I am considerably handicapped?
I survive on ODSP, and while I am grateful for what I get, still, it's not very much. But now I have to come up with at least $30 per day to get just one PSW to come once a day--I need, and had been getting for years, 2 PSWs to come 3 times per day! On the evening of Saturday, December 19, 2021 I was panhandling in the LCBO parking lot near the Walmart in Kingston. Because I need this extra money now--it's a lot by my income--I stayed out longer than I should have.
I am now confined to a wheelchair as a fallout of having been grievously burned in a housefire 10 years ago and, among things I am now medically hypersensitive to the cold. I was warned by the surgeons who saved my life (80% 3rd degree burns) that I am at higher risk for hypothermia because I have lost capillaries in that much of my body. Grade 6 revisited: you get cold, those tiny veins under the skin expand, allowing more blood to flow and helping to make you warmer.
btw, during 1-1/2 hours I was there, NOT ONE PERSON gave me anything at all.
I gave up about 5:40 and when the Rte 7 Rideau Heights bus picked me up I said to the driver that my hands were so cold I wasn't able to hold my bus pass to touch the payment pad for my fare (there are videos on KT buses and the camera right at the payment machine has an audio recorder as well: what I am saying here, and further in this narrative, is a matter of record. I have applied for all records related to what I am telling you about here), and I was shivering violently for a good 15 minutes. My hands were beet red, burning hot and tingling, my fingernails were really weird looking, and when I got on the bus i was thinking about going to KGH, worried about frostbite. When the driver let me off at the bus stop on First Canada Ave at Weller Ave, I immediately got stuck in the snow. The driver got off, brushed away as much snow as he reasonably could (he was only wearing shoes), and got me turned around facing the street so the bus that I wanted to transfer onto, the Rte.1 St. Lawrence.

5 minutes later the Rte.1 St. Lawrence came. Instead of pulling up to exactly where my wheelchair was, the driver stopped some short distance before: if she had have just pulled up in front of me there probaby wouldn't have been a problem, but as soon as I tried to turn my chair to move down, that was it: I was stuck.

I try to have my iPhone recording video as soon as a bus I am getting on pulls up because of the sooooooo many problems I have had with Kingston Transit; often I just forget, today my hands were just too cold, although being on the Rte.7 for 20 minutes did make a difference. I called out to the driver that I was stuck. She called back, What?... It was the way she said it and the look on her face that made me grab my phone and start recording.

I am VERY disappointed that I didn't have it going to begin with, and that the driver was not square in view of the video.
I also regret that my video shut off when it did--just the littlest brush up against the screen turns offREC (I have a cracked and broken up iPhone X: I'm sure other iPhone users know exactly what I mean). Although it is clear in her tone and actions, her facial expression and her whole body language shows that from the word 'go' her attitude very much was: 'I don't give a fuck, die for all I care'.

1. She stopped her bus about 1 meter short of where I was. If she had stopped in front of me, I probably wouldn't have become stuck in the first place: it was turning my chair to move down to get on the bus that my chair became stuck.

2. I told her, "I'm stuck in the snow". In the video you can see enough to understand that she shrugged her shoulders, and said, "Oh" in a totally disinterested tone.

3.HER: "Oh. Okay. I don't know now. What do you want to do? Did you call somebody? ... cause I..."
And she turned and headed right back to the bus.

4.ME: I called after her, " " 'cause' you--what ?"