I was grievously burned in a house fire in 2011. About 80% of my body is now skin grafts and 3rd degree burn scars, where there wasn't enough good skin to use for additional grafting. Considerable parts of flesh burned so badly that they had to be removed, including 3 relatively large pieces from my right thigh, the back of the calf, and a little further down. As a result of my injuries I am unable to walk (because of my right leg, which I can move but will not support my weight at all, and the left leg is not so strong, either), I have limited dexterity in both hands, especially the right, and from being in hospital with an in-dwelling catheter for so long, I am now totally bladder incontinent. I am unable to dress/undress or shower myself, and cannot change myself when needed. Getting in and out of bed without assistance is risky and I have had a number of falls.
I was getting PSW care, provided by St. Elizabeth Health Care--SEHC.
2 PSWs came 3 times per day to do the needful for me: that was soon to be turned upside down.
The following needs to be understood well in order to understand why what is happening to me is so shockingly outrageous.
PSWs are not supposed to have any contact with their clients: this is a strict rule with all homecare providers.

I liked most of my PSWs, and I really liked a few. I got on well with nearly all of them. One PSW, who works for SEHC (or at least did, I don't know about now) is a woman named Stephanie Hutchinson. Stephanie was just about my favourite: she was always willing to do little more than what was specific to the care I was to get, e.g. sweeping up or quick vacuum or wash a few things, and we simply got along particularly well. At Christmas time I gave out gift cards and little goodies to my favourites, and a few did better. Stephanie got a 26 oz. bottle of Crown Royal, a medium-sized bag of special food for her parrot, another bottle of CR later when there was one extra, and so on. Stephanie and I exchanged friendly emails, and back and forth on facebook messenger. Very loosely speaking, we were friends--in fact, she said that once i.e. that we were friends (and no doubt she was using the term loosely, too).

On Jan. 31, 2021 there was a fire in the unit behind me (I am in a townhouse complex): it gutted the place, destroyed the unit above it, as well as the units on each side. The Fire Dept. used so much water putting it out that it flooded my unit; dark black, sooty water that rank of burnt stuff. The landlord made residents of at least 5 units, including me, move out for renovations.
And so we get into the juicy part of this story...

I have a strap. I mean, a leather strap made for adult play, i.e. spanking. I have had this strap for many years. None of my PSWs had ever seen my strap...
Until Feb. 14th.

On that day Stephanie and the 2nd PSW that day, Amanda Weir, came for the 3:30 visit. While packing up--a slow process for me--I had inadvertently left the strap out. Amanda noticed it, picked it up, looked at it as if it were something foreign, and asked Stephanie, "Do you know what this is... ?"
Yup. Stephanie knew--very well, apparently.
She took it from Amanda and was sort of waving it around a bit and said, "oooo... A person could have a lot of fun with this" ... a few waves and a few seconds more, "Oh yeah, a person could have A LOT of fun with this".
And she said it a third time.
And we all laughed.
I said my inner-child is well overdue for a good spanking.
And we all laughed.
Stephanie said that she had checked out some BDSM sites online.
And we all laughed some more. 3 adults sharing a laugh about some adult things...

So, in view of what happened in my room, how crazy was it for me to think, hey, she might be into this? Well I mean, really:
"Oh yeah... A person could have A LOT of fun with this".
Well, February 16th is my birthday, and in light of what happened in my room I decided to throw a line in the water, and emailed Stephanie:

Email to Stephanie

Stephanie the Bitch