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fb message to Stephanie

I messaged Stephanie on July 6, 2021. It seems she didn't see it until August 17th or so, and she responded by calling the police.
An officer came to my door and was aggessive in his tone and demeanor from the outset, and it escalated badly because he said I had messaged Stephanie
two days before. I had no idea what he was talking about and insisted I didn't; turns out he believed it was just a couple days ago when it was more like 7 weeks.
In any case it seems she put drama for him, the pretty blonde PSW being sexually harassed by a felon. No?
What was the need to call police?? Anyone who uses facebook knows that if you don't want to hear from somebody, you block them--but no: there had to be a drama...
One thing good came out of it, though: the officer told me her last name: Hutchinson.
You happy now, Steph?
A link to the actual chat message can be found above.